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Even though the graphic format may look different, the content, data, layout and flow of information are the same. PAYearned reinvented Applications for Payment and Continuation Sheets while maintaining the format and content that has been used for years.

This software has not been developed by and is not associated with the American Institute of Architects or ACD Operations, LLC.

Absolutely not, PAYearned beats the competition hands down and offers an amazingly affordable flat monthly/annual subscription fee that provides UNLIMITED Applications for Payment and Continuation Sheets.

Automatically, no need to think about storing. PAYearned automatically stores your Pay Apps. and has its own search capabilities. Any Pay App created using Payearned can easily be searched by either project name, address or general contractors name for immediate retrieval.

Yes, PAYearned gives you the option to store a downloaded PDF file each time you create a Pay App; however, you will need to establish your own storing protocol.

NO, it is unbelievably easy to learn and use, very intuitive. Take advantage of our FREE offer and see for yourself, you will be amazed.

There is no reason for them not to, your General Contractor benefits when you submit, timely, error free Applications for Payment and Continuation Sheets …..PAYearned’s automatic calculations eliminates calculation errors thus eliminating costly resubmissions.

No, that is why PAYearned is a game changer. You create or upload a new project using our simple and clean Project Line-Item input form. When you are ready to bill just provide billing data (dollars or % complete) by line-item on our application page it will automatically calculate, update and create the Continuation Sheet along with automatically calculating and generating your Applications for Payment

With a paid subscription, you can access the automatically generated Pay Apps and Continuation Sheets PDF file. Download and attach it to an email and send it to your General Contractor. Or print the PDF, scan it, mail it or fax it to your General Contractor. The choice is yours.

PAYearned provides the easiest way to create Application and Certificate for Payment. First step, enter your Project and GC basic information on Create Project page. Second Step, enter your project lines information from Project Details page. Third step, create your application for payment with amount completed in this time period. Now you will be able to get a generated and calculated document from Project details page.

PAYearned provides easy to use solution. When you have a Project created you can open Change Order page from Project Details page and you will be able to easily create change order items for existing project lines or create new ones and download generated Change Order.