Help is a click away with our video tutorials.

Set up and create your project. This is where you begin.

Setting up your General Contractors Profile to be used and stored in your PAYearned account.

Once you have created your project, you will need to add project line items and schedule of values.

Copying your bid line Items and Values to create your  Application for Payment  with a few clicks of your mouse

Pasting your bid Line Items and Values into your Application for Payment with a few clicks of your mouse

This is how to edit line items and schedule of values previously entered.

Here is where you decide what line items need to be billed and how to bill them; a specific amount or a percentage.

Need to find a project quickly? Just sort and search by project name, address or general contractor.

Retainage billing reminder will help you never miss a billing retainage.

Accounting for Material Stored & Used is no longer a nightmare. Thanks to PAYearned’s automated Material Stored exclusive reporting system.