PAYearned was designed specifically for the small to medium sized subcontractor that works closely with general contractors and architects that require applications and certificates for payment, Pay Apps.

Here is how PAYearned works. Create or upload your trades construction project line-items / information using PAYearned’s data input form. You can also provide incremental work-in-progress data as the project progresses automatically recalculating any “Continuation Sheets” or “Change Order Sheets” and generating an updated Application & Certification for Payment” ready for submission to the General Contractor. Each updated version will be stored and filed by project to your account automatically. All projects are retrievable using PAYearned’s built in search engine and available for review and reprint.

If you have ever filed your taxes using TurboTax©. you know you don’t complete the actual 1040 or 1040EZ, or any of the schedules. You just input all of your data and print and file your tax return along with all of the accompanying schedules. PAYearned works on the same principal. You simply supply and input the data by project and all calculations are made and forms completed ready to be printed, sent to the General Contractor and saved to your account for future retrieval