Reduce risk, protect profit margins and improve cash flow, these are just a few of the most important basics. Contractors must use effective and efficient back office tools to process their AIA G702 & G703 to maintain good cash flow, the same way the maintain their equipment and tools. It is the little changes that will eventually add up to big gains. Never say what I have and what I am doing is working, I don’t need to change,

No matter how you do things today you can always improve or at least position your business to be able to move into tomorrow. Don’t get left behind or put yourself in a position that you will have to make monumental changes someday that will be extremely disruptive to your business. Your indecision to make changes and improvements can eventually devalue your business. Stay focused, stay positioned and always be willing to make improvements.

PAYearned’s Pay App solution is one of those improvements for doing the G702 G703 Application for payment.