Automating the Application for Payment AIA G702 /G703

In the world of construction, managing billing effectively ensures transparency and fosters trust. It is the bloodline to cash flow. Almost all subcontractors are familiar with the American Institute of Architects AIA G702/G703 complex billing template the industry standard form to manage the billing process for construction projects. PAYearned has simplified and automated the billing landscape with an easy to use incredibly  reliable and accurate solution for completing  the Pay Appe. Explore the world of PAYearned, and how it has made generating a Pay App e.g. AIA G702/G703 easy and affordability!

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Dealing with AIA G702/G703

While AIA Billing Templates offer a structured framework for billing, PAYearnd’s advanced Pay App software further enhances efficiency, accuracy, and transparency. The PAYearned Software delivers the following features:

  • PayApp Generation: PAYearned automatically generates Pay Apps based on project schedules of value like the AIA G703, eliminating the need for manual calculations.
  • Integration with AIA Templates: PAYearned mirrors the AIA G702 and G703 templates, It allows for the import of billing data into the PAYearned software solution.
  • Document Management: The PAYearned software centralizes all AIA Pay Apps, change orders, and continuation sheets. It ensures automatic filing for complete organization while using its own search engine for easy retrieval.
  • Efficient Workflows: It just about guarantees approval by producing payment applications for the relevant stakeholders, such as general contractors, owners, or architects.
  • Real-time Reporting: The PAYearned solution generates accurate project data, including billed and to be billed line items, unbilled retainage report when looking for cash flow.
AIA Billing
AIA Billing

Why the PAYearned payment application solution?

PAYearned specialized software application and online platform, serve as critical tools for the construction industry. It helps you manage billings efficiently and ensures the following benefits:

  • It facilitates seamless communication and collaboration, allowing for the exchange of billing information, documentation, and feedback.
  • It promotes clean and accurate transparency in billing by providing visibility in the billing process. It lets you see the status of payment applications, work completed, and payments.
  • It helps to maintain a comprehensive audit trail of billing activities, including change orders.
  • PAYearned centralizes billing records and correspondence. It reduces the risk of losing documents and streamlines it for audits.
  • PAYearned integrates with accounting systems and financial software. It extends a seamless data transfer for invoicing, reporting, and reconciliation.
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AIA G702 – explained!

The G702 payment application serves as a formal request for payment from the contractor to the general contractor, architect or owner. It outlines the completed work of a project. It contains different components, including:

  • Contract Information: It has details of the project, the contractor, and the general contractor or owner’s details. It gives you a summary of the project.
  • Work completed: It identifies the progress of the work completed and monies being requested for the  billing period. It extends the details for transparency and clarity.
  • Change Orders: It reflects any change in the original contract
  • Amount due: It keeps track of the amount due for the completed work. It is the best way to realize and keep the calculation current and accurate.
AIA Billing

What is the AIA G703 – The continuation sheet!

It complements the G702 by providing a detailed continuation of the Schedule of Values. It allows for a more comprehensive breakdown of costs for ease and seamless understanding. It expands on the G702. It gives details of the percentage of work completed and the corresponding dollar amount for each line item. It also includes a summary of previous billing applications and payments received, facilitating accurate tracking of project finances. It requires certification by the contractor and architect to confirm the concurrence of the information.

PAYearened simplifies the AIA G702 and G703

Providing a strong base for an efficient billing process of a project. PAYearned is a powerful toolkit for streamlining construction billing, enhancing collaboration, and promoting transparency. By leveraging these tools, construction stakeholders can optimize the billing workflow, mitigate risks, and foster stronger relationships built on trust and accountability.

Why PAYearned

Completing and generating the AIA G702 and G703  can be overwhelming. Choosing the professional services of PAYearned allows you to simplify the process and enjoy the benefits of the #1 software solution.

Simplified Efficiency
  • It is easy to use with a streamlined interface for quick adoption.
  • It offers a smooth and seamless transition for new team members.
  • No more reliance on cumbersome spreadsheets.
Precision in Every Calculation
  • As an error-free pay app, we automate calculations for accuracy.
  • It offer comprehensive oversight, ensuring no costly resubmissions.
  • It lets you say goodbye to Excel and manual fillable forms forever.
Effortless Organization
  • Our cloud storage offers convenience for easy search and sorting.
  • It handles data securely, ensuring no lost or misfiled applications.
  • We simplify paperwork by eliminating the need for G702 and G703 forms.
Unlimited Flexibility
  • With PAYearned, you can submit as many pay applications as needed.
  • You can create continuation and change order sheets without limits.
  • You can unlock the summary feature for valuable project insights.
Error Prevention for Smooth Sailing
  • We help accelerate payment receipts for improved cash flow.
  • We help reduce back-office salary / hiring expense with PAYearned having a minimal experience/learning curve.

Using PAYearned has multiple benefits in the construction industry. With time, the process has evolved for convenience and ease. Expert services like PAYearned combine the joys of technological billing and payment and AIA like templates to give you the best experience. Innovators like us help with quicker and simpler submissions and cut the hassle of filling out the AIA G702 and G703 forms for billing. We help you manage your business more efficiently and effectively. With PAYearned, you have everything you need within reach – client satisfaction, transparency, contractor information, communication. Experience the difference with PAYearned—the #1 subcontractors’ choice.

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